New Product Package Designs

Here is our latest work for Fern Life Center. KOHR Productions Designed the lables and shot the photos.


Latest Work On Studio One

KOHR Productions STUDIO ONE is now under construction. We are building a 600 sqf studio with many cool features to give you the best service posibble. Stay tuned for an invite to our Opening Party!


New look for Pangolin Laser Systems

KOHR Productions was hired by William R. Benner of Pangolin Laser Systems to create a new Look and Feel for Their home page. Click Here for more of KOHR Productions work.


Star Beer now comes in a Can!

KOHR Productions was hired by Technical Consultant Richard Gonsalves, of www.ExpMomentum.com in Nigeria, Africa to produce a 5 minute Stereo 3D film and custom soundtrack for Star Beer’s new product launch.

Richard, Shawn and I worked together, at break neck speed to pull this off in just 20 days. We came up with a fun storyline that involved a trip into the depths of space to find more, STAR Beer and wound up back at the Top Secret base we departed from with a few more beers than we started with.

I would like to give credit to Shawn Shelton kufitop@netzero.net and Drew Cady drew@seismicislandlabs.com for the creation of the soundtrack right on time and with the perfect flavor and mix.

I would also like to thank the Lightspeed Design Group for supplying their proprietary Stereo 3D Rig for 3DS Max for designing and rendering this stereo project.

We would like to share with you a few images from the event.


Cory Simpson Creative Director KOHR Productions

Click here to whtch the movie


New Site for MPSC by KOHR Productions

KOHR Productions was hired by Dennis James of Bulldog Marketing to create a new Look and Feel for Microsoft Partner Solutions Center revised Web Site. Click Here for more of KOHR Productions work.


KOHR Productions in LIVE DESIGN Magazine

KOHR Productions Laser Design work for Universal Studio's Orlando/LM-Productions was a featured image in LiveDesign Magazine's April 2007 edition.

Bringing Sexy (Light) Back
Apr 1, 2007 12:00 PM, By Patrick Murphy

Laser light is sexy light. It produces the purest, tightest beams you can imagine. That's why it is routinely used as a special effect in large-scale events like the Olympics, concert tours, and world sports ceremonies. The saturated colors and pencil-thin shafts, choreographed to music, make an indelible impression on the viewer. Click here for the full PDF article.

Click here to learn more about our roll in this production.


Corporate ID for Fern Life Center

KOHR Productions was hired by Keesha Morris of Fern Life Center to create new marketing materials based on Steve Godfrey's Logo Design. We created Business Cards, Letterhead and a Full Color Brochure. Click Here for more of KOHR Productions work.


New Site Design for SQL Soft+

KOHR Productions was hired by Dennis James of Bulldog Marketing to create a new Look and Feel for SQL Soft+ revised Web Site. Together, Dennis and Cory have created several great sites and marketing materials over the past year. Click Here for more of KOHR Productions work.


New Site Design for WTA

KOHR Productions was hired by Frontline Solutions to create a new Look and Feel for the Washington Truckers Association's Web Site. Together, Frontline Solutions and KOHR Productions have created several great sites over the past year. Click Here for more of KOHR Productions work.


Universal 360 - a Cinesphere Spectacular

KOHR Productions was hired by LM Productions in conjunction with Universal Studios Orlando to install and create Laser Aerial Effects and Full Dome Video animations for Universal's New Summer outdoor extravaganza.

Click Here for more of our work

Monday, June 26, 2006

ORLANDO, Fla., June 26 /PRNewswire/ -- John Landis, director of some of the most popular modern American films of all time, is serving as creative consultant for an ambitious movie-themed nighttime entertainment show at the Universal Studios theme park in Orlando.

The show is called Universal 360 - A Cinesphere Spectacular and premiers on July 1. Its creators set out to blend high-tech special effects with some of the most memorable moments in film history.

Universal 360 is a first-ever combination of more than 100 great movies, 360-degree spherical projection, lasers, pyro effects, digital mapping technology -- and four enormous spheres spread across acres of waterfront at Universal Studios Florida. The spheres, which are 30-feet tall and 36-feet wide, float in the park's central lagoon and serve as giant outdoor projection screens. Digital mapping technology allows Universal to project supplemental images and effects on buildings surrounding the lagoon -- transforming entire buildings into walls of flame. The show also features a specially developed soundtrack broadcast through more than 300 outdoor speakers.

"We set out to create a new form of entertainment, an entirely new way to view and appreciate film," said Jim Timon, senior vice president of entertainment for Universal Orlando Resort. "We are creating a nightly mega- event that will sweep tens of thousands of people at a time into the emotion and drama behind some of America's most popular movie moments."

At the center of the new show are more than 100 films -- from black-and- white classics to newer releases. Editors have selected comedies, dramas, thrillers, horror films and more. And they have combined them into the 15-minute collage that will serve as the centerpiece of the show.

Helping to guide the editing process is Landis, who has directed such popular films as "National Lampoon's Animal House," "The Blues Brothers," "Trading Places," "Coming to America" and "American Werewolf in London."

"We're attempting to take the magic of movies and use new technology to create a spectacular experience that goes beyond just seeing a movie," said Landis. "We want to create something that interacts with you and that happens around you."

Landis said the challenge has been to combine scenes from films across the entire range of the art form in such a way as to tell a story and to evoke emotion in the thousands of people who will be watching the new show at any given time.

"I like spectacles -- especially mass spectacles," Landis said. "When they are done well -- whether it's a circus or a political rally or a theme park show -- they can be an amazing communal experience. It's not so easy to create something that touches people emotionally. But we're using the power of many movies and we're editing them together and combining them with great special effects to create what we believe will be a series of very powerful moments."

Read more here.


Absolute Hollywood

KOHR Productions was hired by Absolute Hollywood to create a new Corporate ID, including a new Logo, Web Site, Presentation Folder and DVD's for their latest product line. Click Here for more of our work


New Web site for AquaVantage

KOHR Productions was hired by Enprotec Corp to create a new web site for their product line. Click Here for more of our work


Flying Spot Entertainment - Nintendo World

KOHR Productions was hired by Flying Spot Entertainment Group to help with some Video Production for Nintendo World, NY.

Click Here for more of our work


Planet Qwest


This custom 5 minute presentation was produced for Qwest, under the direction of Aspen Marketing Services. KOHR Productions was hired through LM Productions and Absolute Hollywood to provide the show's main content and on-site installation. The show also incorporated over a minute of abstract animation provided by Aaron McEuen of Starlight Productions. On opening day the event had over 70 thousand visitors many of which entered, "Planet Qwest" for an immersive and interactive event.

"I've cut with a lot of talented editors and digital effects artists and I'll put Cory right up there with the best of them. His undivided attention, collaborative spirit and ability to exceed our expectations at every turn, kept this project on track and ultimately made it a great success all around".

Thomas Knight, Art Director
Aspen Marketing Services, Chicago


Illustration Seattle Post-Intelligencer

KOHR Productions was hired by Ben Garrison to create the main image for the Zone page which ran in Oct 11th's issue of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. This issue's focus was on our Genetic Code.


WAC 2005 Conference

I would like to thank Aaron McEuen of Starlight Productions for Bringing me to this years Westeren Aliance Conference of Planetariums. We had alot of fun, made some new friends and re-united with some old friends.

StarLight Productions


KOHR on Coast to Coast AM again!

Cory has been published on the Coast to Coast AM web site once again.


New Business Cards

James Arledge asked Kohr Productions to create new cards for his business.


Screen Life

Cory has been contracted by www.sceneit.com to do some After Effects programming for there new DVD game titles! Screen Life is currently in full production of many great New Games. You can find their products at the Discovery Store and many other locations.


New Business Cards

Jay Parkinson of Phoenix Laser Safety hired Kohr Productions to design and build their new business cards.


Lazer Vaudeville running Off-Broadway

KOHR PRODUCTIONS is currently in production creating a 4 minute custom laser show about the history of Vaudeville for Lazer Vaudeville.

Cirque du Soleil meets Laurel and Hardy. Ringling Brothers meets the Flying Karamazov Brothers. Mummenschanz meets MTV.

Juggling, lasers, magic, classic screwball comedy, and technology take center stage as a new vaudeville show opens in New York. Lazer Vaudeville, directed by Carter Brown and choreographed by Cindy Marvell begins performances at The John Houseman Theater (450 W. 42nd Street) on February 16th with an official opening night set for March 9th. This limited engagement runs through May 14th.

Lazer Vaudeville stars bicycle hoop-roller and rope-spinner Carter Brown, international juggling champion Cindy Marvell, and acrobatic box juggler Nicholas Flair. Lazer Vaudeville has a set design by Maia Robbins-Zust, laser design by Cory Simpson, and costume design by Jennifer Johanos. Jesse Manno is the musical director.

Director and performer Carter Brown said "Lazer Vaudeville has been touring the country for almost 20 years. It's been my dream to bring contemporary vaudeville to the American stage. We are excited to create a brand new show for New York that blends technology and entertainment."

Tickets are NOW on sale at Telecharge.com or call 212-239-6200. We'll be running Feb 16 thru May 14. John Houseman Theatre 450 W. 42nd St New York, New York. Tickets $25-45 US. Please forward this to all of your friends, family, relatives and anyone else who might be in New York this winter/spring.


NOVEMBER was all about Full Dome Video and TURKEYS!

New Full Dome Content Created for Starlight Productions!

Thank you Aaron for the work.


New Direct Mailer from Kohr Productions

Can't read the text?



I offer a full range of Digital Media Solutions for all your design and production demands.

I have won more than 30 international awards in the past 18 years, animating, designing and producing on the most popular software packages, which include:

3D Studio Max, Combustion, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop InDesign, Anark Media, Homesite Powerpoint and more!

Call me to discuss the possibilities!

Cory Simpson


Lastest Web Design for Mark Kandall Salon


Kohr Goes to Salt Lake City

These are images from my trip to Salt Lake City and the Clark Planetarium. I spent the whole day learning about Digistar III and made some great new freinds. Check out the render farm! Pretty impressive. Thank you Casey and Aaron for a great time.

Logo Design Practical Solar

Latest Logo Design and Build from Kohr Productions.
Practical Solar

You and Kohr Productions have been a pleasure to work with throughout this process. Kohr’s artistic concepts and responsiveness have been head and shoulders above other agencies we’ve talked to. I am confident our new corporate brand is beginning from a solid and attractive foundation based on your work. Thanks for your help!

Phil Barrows, Vice President, Sales & Marketing


New Work from Tina Norton Garrison

New art Provided by Tina Norton Garrison. This is a Painting from her Pink Poodle Collection. You can find Tina Here


Latest Logo Design

Logo Design and Build for the Peace University


Kohr's New Direct Mailer

Here is our latest Direct Marketing Mailer. Special thanks to Tina for Creating the Donkey and to Casey for the inspiration.


Kohr Mann on Art Bell

Cory got some of his recent art Posted on the Coast to Coast Am web site!


Welcome to Kohr News!

Q: What if we could pass a few art tasks on to each other "the trusted talent" and build a support group of international artists.

*Oh and Make some money at it*